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Full STACK Project execution

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Blockchain Consultancy, Planning and Execution

Fairbitshare offers you everything that your business needs to move into the future of technology with powerful blockchain advisory, education and transactional services.

Modular services

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Token economics

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With blockchain technology opening up possibilities for new economic models within the cryptocurrency world, we help you design and implement a strategy for token-based projects. From consensus models to incentive algorithms, we optimise the use of your tokens within emerging ecosystems.


Pre, During, Post-ICO

The backbone of every blockchain project, a Whitepaper is an explanation of your product, the issues it solves, its use, and all other vital information that investors need. To present your ideas in a clear and attractive manner, we help you create the perfect Whitepaper to garner interest in your organization.


Pre, During, Post-ICO

Once all the preparatory work has been complete, your project is ready to hit the market. However, to maximise the impact of the launch you need a calculated plan that captivates the cryptocurrency audience upon release. We know exactly how to position your project to get the blockchain world to notice it, driving investment and value in the process!


Pre, During, Post-ICO

Smart contracts are the basis of the blockchain world, allowing for users to make exchanges based off automatic and secure programs. If your project requires a smart contract, then our blockchain programmers will develop a contract with the best functionality for your needs. Already have contracts developed? Our team will rigorously test them to identify any weaknesses and help you to fix it through a iterative process.

Amsterdam Stock exchange event space

Fairbitshare has been the driving force between a number of blockchain and cryptocurrency events meant to spark innovation and connect enthusiasts around the world. You can read all about our Square5 Blockchain Summit in New York and view pictures or the video from our Square5 Edition in Amsterdam.

fundraising / investor relationships

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In order to make your ideas come to life, you need to attract capital. Fairbitshare is connected to various VC's, retail investors and institutional investors. We connect you to these players when the time is right. 


Pre, During, Post-ICO

High-level strategic planning for blockchain experts is in high demand, but short supply. Fairbitshare’s Advisory Board have a wealth of experience in driving successful blockchain projects and are ready to consult and advise you on all elements that can see your business thrive.


Pre, During, Post-ICO

As early adopters of cryptocurrency, our team have been in the space since 2011. During the past eight years, we have built strong connections with everybody from investors to influencers to programmers. We are ready to open our network with you, helping you develop strategic partnerships to benefit your project.

LEGAL SUPPORT for Blockchain

Pre, During, Post-ICO

With the excitement of a new space comes the lack of legal knowledge and regulatory compliance. We offer expert legal advice from attorneys that understand startups and venture financing. With a holistic approach to all things legal, our firm offers you a competitive advantage by understanding what is best for your organisation in both the short and long-term.

Together with our marketing and communication specialists we make sure you get the right strategy and team to execute. Our highly experienced teams know all the tricks to make the strategy as effective as possible.


Pre, During, Post-ICO

For every company proper market and competitor research is very important, what we see is that most of the companies are not capable or do not have enough resources to do such research themselves. Fairbitshare understands that and is able to provide high quality reports and easy to understand analyses.

MArket (Competitor) Research

Pre, During, Post-ICO

Fairbitshare partnered up with credible Market Maker services to make sure the companies get what they need, when entering the markets.

Market maker Services